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Whether you are rich or poor, romance should always be a relationship priority. There are several inexpensive date ideas that can be extremely romantic. Treat that special someone to one of these dates to make them feel special and loved.

Moonlit Dancing
You will feel like you are the stars of your own romance movie when you dance under the stars together. Just bring your CD player, loaded with slow love songs, to the backyard or to a local park and you can have an incredibly special evening together…

A Picnic for Two
Pack a picnic basket with some sandwiches, salads, sweets, and wine. As long as you don’t go wild with the wine selection, this can easily be done. Bring a comfortable blanket to snuggle up on. Visit a local historic site for a terrific atmosphere, or a local park. Make a toast to your sweetheart. Spend an afternoon lounging around together in the sun, or go in the evening for a moonlit picnic.

Fly a kite
It is fun to be childlike sometimes. Share your youthful side with your partner on a windy day. This is a fun way to laugh together, but it is simple enough that you can enjoy each other’s conversation as well. Pack some snacks with you, like apples and juice boxes. This is a great way to spend time without spending too much money at all!

Overnight camping
This allows you to spend quality time together in the presence of nature. Enjoy the fresh air and the quiet of the wild. Spend the night stargazing and talking about nothing in particular.

Game Night
Sometimes playing games can actually help a relationship! Play a card game, a video game, a board game, or even a computer game together. You could also just do a jig-saw puzzle or a crossword puzzle. You will have a blast… just as long as you aren’t with a sore loser!

Go for a Drive
Who said Sunday drives are over? Take the scenic route — with no particular destination in mind! You might just end up at “make-out point.” This will make you feel like teenagers again, when you were carefree and adventurous!

Get a Workout
Rent an exercise video, or just go for a jog. Exercise will make you feel energized and ready for a full night of romance. You don’t have to own exercise videos, either. You can rent them at your local video store.

Popcorn and a Movie
Rent a movie, make some popcorn, and curl up on the couch together for a classic date night. Romance and romantic-comedies aren’t your only date options… horror movies will also scare you two together!

Cuddling up with a book together on a cold day
Sometimes the simple things are the most romantic, on a freezing cold day then snuggling up in each others arms on the sofa in front of the fire with a good book can be very intimate and romantic evening.

Star gazing
There is something romantic about looking at the stars, whether seeing the infinite size of the cold and dark universe around us makes us more appreciative of the people we love, or whether we just enjoy them because they look like little sparkling sky diamonds, either way, they ARE romantic.

Cooking A Special Meal Together
This particular date is a lot more fun if you try a NEW recipe together. Both of you pick out the ingredients, go shopping, then roll up your sleeves and get in the kitchen to show off your best gourmet skills.

Candlelit dinner and bathtub
Spend the night getting all wrinkly! Have a nice candlelit dinner together, then head up to the bathroom, go for the full monty, candles everywhere, superhot bath, a whole bottle of bubblebath, maybe some relaxing music. Then grab yourself some red wine and both of you get into the bath together.


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