Why Girls Are worth Loving??

Posted on: March 3, 2011

This One is for Girls:

Why Girls Are worth Loving ??

-The Way She gets Puzzled Up
& Low when She Sees you Cry,

-The Way She Wants you;
to Hold Her Hand In front of your Friends,

-The Way when even She is Upset;
She Says: “I Love you Too..ā™„”,

-The Way She Sweetly Cross;
Every Level of Immaturity for you,

-The Way She Holds you;
When you Hug Her,

-The Way She Forgets Her Worries & Says:
“kya hua, Tell Me Something, I’m here for you”,

-The Way She gets Angry at you;
& in a Split Second She is Convinced by your Smiling Sorry,

-The Way She gts Jealous;
When Some Girl Tries to Come Near you,

-The Way She Dies to Meet you;
& Every time Says: “Ab nahi Milungi, Evn if you Say”,

-The Way She forgets Evry Mistake of yours;
just to be with U & the Best,

-The Way Tears Come Rollin in Her Eyes;
the Time She Heard the Word “Break Up” from you, ā™„ šŸ™‚


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